New Aquarium Dividers by Dexter’s

Dexter's Dividers
If you have been in the hobby for any length of time you know that a good tank divider is impossible to find and more than challenging to make do it yourself. Now there is a new product (I have no affiliation with them) that promises to take care of all your divider needs. One of the great uses for these is to make your own sump with them. You can any standard tank and use some of these to create ...
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New Freshwater Goby Species – Incredible! 

Rhinogobius maxillivirgatus - new goby from China
I am a huge fan of goby in general for my marine tanks but the available species for freshwater have never been all that attractive. That has changed with the discovery of this little guy, a new species from China. Of course there is no saying if or when this fish would enter the hobby. Sometimes it happens quickly and others not at all. If this is a fish that is plentiful it might, if it is a fis...
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Is a Green Slimer a Good Starter SPS?

Green Slimer
Though the classic green slimer isn't the SPS I recommend as your first (I think birds nest are much easier) they are most certainly the one I recommend for the first acropora (pronounced a-crop-uh-ruh and not acro-pour-uh). The name comes from just what you would expect, a slimy coat of mucus the coral excretes. You will get quite a bit of it in the bag when you get your frag home. Because of thi...
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Lighting and Corals: A Quick Note

What light for these corals?
These are some of my favorite small polyp stony corals. It's interesting to have scientific evidence about what kind of lighting helps them to grow. One of the reasons I like them so much is that they are attractive but hardy and fast growing. It's nice to know they perform well under pretty much whatever light you are going to use (as long as it penetrates the water). Questions on lighting are...
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Palytoxin is real and not a hobby myth

Hobbyist who suffered poisoning
When I sold off my 300 gallon tank pending a move to a new house I had this same experience. My son and I helped the purchaser and his friend get all the rock into bins. Just the action of moving the several year old and paly covered rocks was enough to cause the toxin to release. My son, who hadn't even touched the rocks, and I who wore gloves, were also sickened. This was from breathing the toxi...
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