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Fish and reef stores in Arizona

This page is a list of the various fish and reef stores in AZ that I frequent. There are a couple of other stores in the Valley but I have yet to visit them so I won't list them here. I only want to list stores that I can actually answer questions about and give an honest opinion of.

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Aqua Touch
12040 North 32nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85028

Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Phone: 602-765-9058

What I like: This store has things that I generally can't find elsewhere. It also has a great planted tank section for those of you with freshwater fish. The fish are quarantined before being sold so you can be confident of their health.

What I don't: Price are slightly higher than other stores. Not enough to keep me from buying something I want but worth mentioning.

Aquarium Arts
1810 W Baseline Rd,
Mesa, AZ 85202

Phone: 480-820-8688
Hours: Mon to Fri 11AM to 730PM
Sat 11AM to 6PM

What I like: This has been one of my favorite stores for a while. I find their prices to be good, especially for the size of the coral you get for that price. Staff is very friendly.

What I don't: They do not quarantine the fish here so be sure you do.


Club Reef

1829 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 656-1605

Store Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm 

What I like: This shop is owned by Jorell who was one of the co-owners of Reef Monster and now has his own solo shop. I like dealing with him because he knows his stuff and because he understands business and his customers. This is a great shop for nice and affordable corals to be sure. He also keeps stock coming in on a regular basis so everytime I go in there's something new.

What I don't: Not a lot in the way of dry goods at all. 

Reef Monsters

4460 E Mainstreet Suite 120
Mesa, AZ 85205
Phone: 480-570-0565

Store Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 12am-5pm

What I like: Fish are amazing. Not only are there some that are unique but they tend to be larger specimines. Price is right on fish and corals as well. Corals are healthy and affordable. They have a TV playing nature shows in the back. I thought this was a nice little touch. You can purchase an insurance policy on the fish you buy.

What I don't: Not a big selection of equipment and other dry goods. This may change since the store is new and things are being added.


The Pet Shop

2235 South Power Road Ste 107 
Mesa, AZ. 85209

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday 11am to 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am to 6pm

What I like: For those of you who remember Pets Inc you will like this store. It's owned by former employees of the now closed Pets Inc and they've set this up to have the look and feel of the old store, which to me is a great thing. There is a good selection of equipment, fish, and corals. One of the things I really like about this store is the plant section. This is isn't a true reef or fish store but an actual pet shop with birds and reptiles etc but they have a great fresh water section as well as marine fish and corals.

What I don't: So far the prices on corals seem a bit high but I found the fish prices to be a bit lower. I have a feeling coral prices will drop once they get the final frag tank set up.


Wildside Pets

1042 N. Higley Road
Mesa, Arizona 85205
(480) 985-3121

Monday-Saturday 10-7
Sunday 11-5

What I like: When I can't find what I want anywhere else I check here. Though I can get my clown goby anywhere now there was a time this was the only store I could. They have some good drift wood and rocks for a freshwater tank. I got my valentini here too. This isn't a store I would say go too often but check it when you can.

What I don't: This is a tiny little true pet store so they have lizards and all that good stuff. The have one wall of fresh and marine fish and that's all. They aren't the most knowledgeable about the fish so know what you want when you go and know all about it. This isn't a store I visit often because of the limited selection. Only a few soft corals and that's it.

Information contributed by: Chad

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