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At Tropical Fish Forums we aim to provide a friendly community environment that is accessible by new fish keepers and experienced hobbyists alike, and is suitable for members of all ages. With over 93,000 members and between 35,000-40,000 posts every month it's a great place to hang out and learn about keeping fish.

I really do encourage people to join a forum and connect with others in the hobby. Just the sharing of photographs alone provides an infinate source of inspiration for tank design. Then there is the fact that the community understands why you like fish so much and can help you take care of them, or if your experienced you can pass along the knowledge you have gained to others. This particular forum is warm and friendly and accepting which makes it a great invironment. It's also family friendly which makes it suitable for children just learning how to keep fish. I look forward to seeing you there, I'm the administrator and my username is "tcamos". 

Information contributed by: Chad

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