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Which corals are good for beginners?

It's probably the biggest question asked by someone starting their first reef tank: which corals are good for beginners.  Fortunately there are several species that are hardy, easy to care for, and also quite affordable. They can survive most beginner's mistakes and provide an incredible amount of beauty for minimal effort. This article lists several species that are as close to "bullet proof" corals as one can get.

How to pick a clean up crew

hermit crab riding a snailOne of the most frequently asked questions by new reef tank owners is, "what should should I get in my clean up crew and how many?" The clean up crew, commonly abbreviated CUC, is composed of several different types of animals, usually snails, hermit crabs, and other useful invertebrates. As the name suggests they are included in the reef tank to help clean up left over food and detritus. This article will explain the pros and cons of a CUC, suggestions for members, and stocking amounts.

How do I get rid of algae in my fish tank?

Brown diatom algae in marine tankExcessive algae growth is one of the main reasons given by people for not entering the fishkeeping hobby.  "I don't want to spend all day scraping the side of the tank" said with a shrug, has been uttered many times by would-be aquarists or those who have given up on the hobby.  However, controlling algae is actually quite simple once you know how.  Sure, you may occasionally have to scrape the side of the tank, but proper practices can keep that chore to a minimum.  In this article you will learn how to control algae in your fish tank so that it doesn't become a nuisance.

How to choose good live rock

Live rock is foundation for any reef tank, and for many fish only tanks as well. It's important for an aquarist to know what constitutes quality live rock.  Failure to pick good rock can actually result in tank failure, or at the best long term problems with the tank.  In this short guide we will discuss live rock in general and what to look for when making a purchase, as well as what you can expect to pay.

How to care for a Betta and pick a tankmate

For some, this fish is still called the Siamese fighting fish, but more commonly it is now referred to as the Betta (from the scientific name Betta Spendens). For many fishkeepers this is their very first fish, and well it should be, the Betta is a great beginner's fish.  Many new owners buy them in small cups but should they be housed in such small containers? We answer that question and give care instructions in this article.

Beginners' Guide: 5 steps to setting up a freshwater fish tank

This five step guide is designed for the beginner who is thinking about setting up a new freshwater fish tank. Starting right can make the difference between a failed experiment and a lifetime hobby. We're sure you will be more satisfied with the enjoyment fishkeeping brings as a hobby; take a moment to go over this simple list and increase your chances of success.

How to keep bubble corals

I don't have any bubble corals, but I really want to.  I am researching them to see if they are viable for my small tank. This article from Practical Fishkeeping (a UK magazine) has very good information such as how to choose healthy specimens, care, lighting, etc.  Take a look and decide if you want to keep bubble corals, or if you already do, let me know how that's going for you.

How to tell if your protein skimmer isn't working

DSC07332For a reef tank there are few things as important as a good protein skimmer.  Exactly what constitutes good is up for rancorous debate among reefers. The general consensus is to fork out the cash for a good one. Many of us just can't afford to do that.  Also, in some cases good ones are quite large and don't always fit the tank.

20 gallon fish only (but not really)

DSC07323 To call a tank "fish only" is really a misnomer.  In almost all tanks called that there are snails, crabs, shrimp or other invertebrates, clearly not just fish.  What the term really means is no corals. It's a different environment than a reef tank.  Often designed to resemble sand flats or the area just off of the reef itself.  Perhaps a zoanthus or mushroom would be okay, but probably not.

Puffer Dentistry

The green spotted puffer belongs to the family Tetraodontidae.  Simply put it means they have four (tetra) teeth (don). There are two teeth on top and two on the bottom.  The top teeth are really the ones we worry about because it seems the bottom teeth don't grow all that much or perhaps are naturally worn down via interaction with the top teeth.

Feeding your fish

This is actually one area where I find the most contradictory information out there. Read your box of fish food and it probably says to feed 2-3 times a day. Read your fish books and they probably say 2 times. Check the Internet and many aquarists are out there saying just once a day.

Coral Selection and Purchase

There have been a few corals I've had my eye on. Before I get anything I really like to know all about it. This pre-purchase research is hugely important as it relates to the overall health of your reef tank. Being armed with some knowledge of your own also helps you to know what questions to ask the guy at your local fish shop.

What to do with a dead fish?

In my last post I mentioned my dead platy but I left out what I do with dead fish. The typical thought most people are having right about now is, "flush it". Though the toilet is often the place dead fish end up, it doesn't have to be.

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