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Links of Interest

A Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Reef

Great site for helping you identify those creatures that have hitch hiked their way into your tank.

Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine

A free online magazine. Lots of good images, very in-depth articles. Like the name indicates it's for advanced aquarists. For others the information tends to be overwhelming.

Age of Aquariums

This site has a good index of fish. I've found the information to be a good starting point but I wouldn't use the site as my only resource.

Aquariogest Software

Great software for keeping track of your hobby. This is really full featured. I use the freshwater version. It will even give you alerts to remind you to change water, or filters and keeps track of your tests giving you a graph over time. If you really want to know the history of your tanks and take a scientific approach, it's worth it. Can you get along without it? Sure, but it's I never felt I wasted my money on it.

Aquatic Gardeners Association

This site is a great resource for planted freshwater tanks. There are plenty of photographs to give you inspiration. They also have books and DVD's you can buy. If you are very much into it you can become a member.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Home grown plants, fish, and shrimp delivered to your door. Prices are good, but shipping is a bit high. The best way to purchase form this site is a large order at one time. Even if you have to get some friends together go for it. Excellent quality, probably the best you will find.

Arizona Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts

This is a club in Arizona where you can get with other planted tank aquarists they do lessons, demonstrations, and parties just for fun. The site has a good forum for asking your plant related questions.

Arizona Inverts

Very (very) good site for freshwater shrimp information and advice. Good forum, answers email, and has contests.

Microcosm Aquarium Explorer

A good place for lists of compatible fish. Their species profile section is excellent.

Online Aqua Journal

This site is a good resource for Amano planted tanks. He has his own section of the site. It is for more advanced aquarists into planted tanks.

Pond life identification kit

Want to know what little things are crawling and swimming around in your freshwater tank and how they got there? This site has all the identification you need.

Practical Fishkeeping

This is the web site for the magazine. It has a lot of good articles. However, this is a UK publication and much of the site is specific to Europe. This can be frustrating for the American fishkeeper. Still a site worth visiting.

Starfish Collection

Just a great collection of photographs of reef life. I've found it good as a means of identification too.

Takashi Amano Planted Tanks

This is a great blog entry with lots of photographs of planted tanks. A must view.

The puffer forum

A forum to discuss your puffer. These fish are a firm favorite and people get pretty passionate about them. Join in on the fun here and ask your questions.

Various Freshwater Snails

Snails can be a great addition to your tank. This web site will help you identify the snail and provides plenty of information.

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