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Looking for Tropical Fish Forums?

At Tropical Fish Forums we aim to provide a friendly community environment that is accessible by new fish keepers and experienced hobbyists alike, and is suitable for members of all ages. With over 93,000 members and between 35,000-40,000 posts every month it's a great place to hang out and learn about keeping fish.

How to care for a Betta and pick a tankmate

For some, this fish is still called the Siamese fighting fish, but more commonly it is now referred to as the Betta (from the scientific name Betta Spendens). For many fishkeepers this is their very first fish, and well it should be, the Betta is a great beginner's fish.  Many new owners buy them in small cups but should they be housed in such small containers? We answer that question and give care instructions in this article.

Beginners' Guide: 5 steps to setting up a freshwater fish tank

This five step guide is designed for the beginner who is thinking about setting up a new freshwater fish tank. Starting right can make the difference between a failed experiment and a lifetime hobby. We're sure you will be more satisfied with the enjoyment fishkeeping brings as a hobby; take a moment to go over this simple list and increase your chances of success.

Puffer Dentistry

The green spotted puffer belongs to the family Tetraodontidae.  Simply put it means they have four (tetra) teeth (don). There are two teeth on top and two on the bottom.  The top teeth are really the ones we worry about because it seems the bottom teeth don't grow all that much or perhaps are naturally worn down via interaction with the top teeth.

Feeding your fish

This is actually one area where I find the most contradictory information out there. Read your box of fish food and it probably says to feed 2-3 times a day. Read your fish books and they probably say 2 times. Check the Internet and many aquarists are out there saying just once a day.

What to do with a dead fish?

In my last post I mentioned my dead platy but I left out what I do with dead fish. The typical thought most people are having right about now is, "flush it". Though the toilet is often the place dead fish end up, it doesn't have to be.

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